Friday, 1 April 2011

About our company...

We thought that you might like to know some details of how we work, the way that we select tutors for our register and how we ensure that you will receive the best possible service.

Personal Tutors has been in business since 1970. We are proud to display our address and full contact details on our site. Other companies may hide behind P.O. Box numbers and email addresses.

We only recruit tutors who can satisfy our strict requirements in terms of qualification and character. We only accept tutors whose minimum qualification is a degree and most are teachers, lecturers or professional tutors.

All new tutors who join us must have an Enhanced CRB Disclosure. If they do not have one, as a Registered Body with the CRB, we can obtain one for them. If a tutor already has a Disclosure we insist on seeing the original document. Remember, anyone can obtain a CRB Disclosure. It is the checking of the security features and contents of the document (not to mention any additional information provided by the police but not contained in the disclosure) by a responsible company which is important. Some other businesses do not bother to check.

When applying to register as a tutor we insist that all new tutors supply details of two referees who can vouch for their moral character and their qualifications. The referees must be people in positions of responsibility, e.g. employers, head teachers, heads of department, etc, and we contact these referees by post as emailed references can easily be fraudulent. Some other companies either take no references at all or rely on pre-written ones which could have been composed by the tutor themself.

In order to supply our pupils with the best possible service, we continuously monitor the performance of our tutors and any that do not satisfy our exacting standards are removed from our Register. When a pupil begins tuition, we do not ask that they pay in advance for a set number of lessons but simply work on a lesson to lesson basis in co-operation with the tutor.