Monday, 10 October 2011

It's that time of year again!

Now is the time of year where we start to receive an ever increasing number of enquiries from potential pupils - the holiday season is over, GCSE, A level and SATs results have been assimilated and children are back in school or at university. There will be a great demand for tutors in all subjects and at all levels.

If pupils are looking for a tutor online via our website, it is advisable to select more than one tutor. As we get further into the term the tutors will have less hours available for new pupils. The most popular subjects, at all levels from primary through to lower secodary, GCSE, A level and even University level are; Maths, English, Basic skills (maths, English and reading), Combined Science, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, I.T. or I.C.T, French, German, Geography and History.

You can carry out an initial search for tutors starting here and, by submitting the form and completing your contact details, you will receive complete information for all the tutors you have chosen. Only the tutors chosen by you will receive yours.

Tutors, if you wish to maximise the number of enquiries, then please make sure we know you are keen and we have your up to date contact information. You should also check your tutor profile - is all the information still relevant? Can you offer more subjects, or would you prefer to specialise in one? Keep in touch!